NASA's Moon mission pushed back, again

NASA is now targeting Mid-Novermber as the earliest possible launch date for its uncrewed Artemis 1 mission.

New November 2022 Launch Date Revealed (see Vol. 3)

Contingencies Are Currently Being Considered

1.) Go up in the wake of Elon's Replacement Crew-5 Mission.

2.) Continue to Await Artemis 1

The Perils of A Premature Launch May Prove Problematic

And Are Certainly Best Not To be Ignored Currently being rolled out
For Launch(See News Letter Vol.3 Oct.7/2022 )

George's secret......'I still can't figure out if the fear of Pushing the Launch Button
Is founded in the fear of failure
Or the fear of success.'

The Critical Tanking Test Failure
Has Delayed Launch Into November 2022

Follow the countdown to tanking test below

*** Tanking Test Failed***


This Test Has Revealed That We Are No Go
In Artemis' Wake At This Time

The Failed Tanking Test Has Concluded

Any Launch expectation for October

November Launch Date Confirmed



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