We're Off!

Associate Launch

Flight Director / Project Manager Required Immediately (or more like yesterday lol)

Why not help steer this and we'll see if it can fly? I am convinced it may help us to better manage our grief and for some, perhaps even provide added purpose and improved spiritual health. All it need ever cost you is some time (maybe lots of time) and of course, compassion. Trusting that we in our twilight FULLY appriciate the value of time.

*One of the key resposibilties will be to *recruit and manage* Spirit Contibutors from numerous communities in order to populate our
Spirit Directories.

Without Spirit Directories and various Community Contributors, this concept, I believe, will simply fail to remain aloft.

It is my prayer that SpiritsAbound.ca may be an endearing and enduring gift to those brothers and sisters that follow in our steps, as we journey the last few golden miles, In Joy! In celebration of the lives and Spirits that have come to bless us, yet have moved on.

Warm rememberence is an ideal way to honour our beloved. Commitment to doing so, strengthens the soul.

Thus far this project has been funded by God through George. I see no reason for that not to continue. The needs have continued to be met.
In gratitude, I expect that to also continue.

I'm an introvert. It is usually not a problem until I try to decide not to be.
If need be I'll recruit contribs. A beta boot camp has to begin sooner than later
Please spare me this 'growth'... lol
Please help me find that special collection of individuals that see the need, hear a call and seek to share a vision.
ASSURED That I am equally commited to sharing theirs. ~george
If SpiritsAbound.ca doesn't work for you, yet you have a need of a website to fulfill your own vision. I could gift you one and if need be, help you build it out. Simply click on the menu item 'let's chat directly below,